Little Flowers

by Seth Bjornrud

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"Little Flowers" is simple songs of devotion to Jesus inspired by Francis of Assisi. Following the rhythm of the day, these songs are a meditation between Francis' life and my heart, and recorded in my friend Brian's living room.

So much thanks; to Francis for his devotion to Jesus, to Brian for working so much on recording this and letting me use his sauna, to Liesl for singing along, and to Sam Parsons for letting me borrow his guitar.


released August 11, 2014

Seth Bjornrud - vocals/guitars, kalimba on "Latin Reprise"
Brian Oakes - kalimba on "The Prayer", banjo and xylophone on "Latin Reprise"
Liesl Arndt - vocals on "What Comes Naturally"

all songs written by Seth Bjornrud
recorded by Brian Oakes



all rights reserved


Seth Bjornrud Bemidji, Minnesota

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Track Name: The Prayer
Our Father in Heaven hallowed be Your name
Your kingdom come, Your will be done
On earth as it is in Heaven

Give us this day our daily bread
Forgive us of our sins
As we forgive those who sin against us

And lead us not into temptation
But deliver us from evil
For Yours is the kingdom, the power, the glory forever and ever
Track Name: What Comes Naturally
Little birds are singing ancient melodies
songs that no one taught them how to sing
trees that shake the Winter off their branches
welcoming the music of the Spring

They're just singing what comes naturally

Moses and the Hebrews stand with dry feet
sing to the Lord for his victory
“He has become our strength and song,
horse and rider He has hurled into the sea.”

They're just singing what comes naturally

little baby's eyes are growing sleepy
rhythm of the rocking chair is creaking
mommas' singing them a bedtime lullaby

la la la la la

what comes naturally
Track Name: Veni Domine Jesu
Veni domine Jesu
Track Name: Eyes
I see the holes in your hands
I see the hole in your side
I see the bruises on your face
I see the blood on your brow
and tears in your eyes

I feel the holes in your hands
I feel the hole in your side
I feel the bruises on your face
I touch the blood on your brow
with tears in my eyes

They'll know the healing of your hands
they'll know the peace by your side
they'll see the beauty of your face
they'll see the glory of your crown
with tears in their eyes
Track Name: Every Moment
Every moment is a prayer
"God, are You there?" is a prayer
Rising up to You
Falling on Your ear

Every tear is a prayer
Every sorrow is a prayer
Running home to You
Climbing in Your arms

Every joy is a prayer
All our laughter is a prayer
Dancing in Your courts
Filling up Your eyes
Track Name: Rest
Weary, burdened, worn out, beat up,
doubting, struggling, falling, sinking

Would you believe me if I told you?
Could you conceive it if I tried?
Would you receive it if I offered you some rest?

weeping, grieving, fearing, anxious,
lonely, hurting, broken hearted